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III Traversa Alimuri - Meta di Sorrento - Napoli +39 0815321495


Following the footsteps of Alfonso Iaccarino, the patron of Don Alfonso, – who was tracked over twenty years as one of the protagonists of gastronomy-  many other men ventured, believing in this revolution.

And again in this vein that Antonio Cafiero, together with his wife Rita and his children Lorena and Mario, began to take the first steps,  setting right from the beginning (ie. the opening of the restaurant in 16 June 2002) a theme that thoroughly embraces the new culinary doctrine.

the restaurant that is located just after the beach, that gives the distinct impression of being an extension of the sea no matter if it’s a storm on the horizon or the sun. A milestone for it’s colors, it’s decor but above all for it’s cuisine…

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Discoverour history

Antonio always had a mentality, a spirit that has been open to new, while at the same time remained passionate about the traditions of his homeland.

Throughout history, the taste of the Mediterranean Cuisine has imposed itself on a universal level – much more than those of other civilizations – becoming a model, a trendsetter. In this framework the Campania region and especially the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast have assumed great importance.

From it’s starting point of Vico Equense to the end in Punta Campanella, the Sorrento Peninsula hosts a wide range of good, great, excellent restaurants. The Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast chose to proceed in the path to quality food and the revaluation of the highly-appreciated local products…

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  • "La Conca" restaurant has an idea of the kitchen and a style of hospitality that makes you feel in a small oasis of pleasure and relaxation.


    Luciano Pignataro
  • "La Conca" severe style, cheerful colors. Antonio Cafiero is a innkeeper who tells his sea.

    La Repubblica

    Antonio Corbo
  • For a simple meal but good at the beach Alimuri in Meta di Sorrento is the restaurant La Conca, managed by warm Antonio.


    Marianna Mastropietro