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Following the footsteps of Alfonso Iaccarino, the patron of Don Alfonso, – who was tracked over twenty years as one of the protagonists of gastronomy-  many other men ventured, believing in this revolution. And again in this vein that Antonio Cafiero, together with his wife Rita and his children Lorena and Mario, began to take the first steps,  setting right from the beginning (ie. the opening of the restaurant in 16 June 2002) a theme that thoroughly embraces the new culinary doctrine.

the restaurant that is located just after the beach, that gives the distinct impression of being an extension of the sea no matter if it’s a storm on the horizon or the sun. A milestone for it’s colors, it’s decor but above all for it’s cuisine. A cuisine that favors the daily catch, preparing it according to the dictates of the recent gastronomic trend and innovations; a creative revaluation of the classic, traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Antonio, an ideal patron for this type of restauration, found the perfect equilibrium between the traditional products of the homeland and innovation.

In the 2004 editions of many gastronomic guides, for the first time in it’s history, the town of Meta took place with a restaurant review.It’s the ‘La Conca’ restaurant, that took part on prestigious guides such as Veronelli, Gambero Rosso, Osterie d’Italia Slow Food and guide dell’Espresso with flattering reviews. Reviews on De Agostini and Touring Club as well as all the major newspapers and national/local weeklies. Finally, a nice appreciation on Anthony Fiore’s book ‘Il critico maccheronico’. An achievement that very few can accomplish in a matter of months from the startup.

“La Conca” restaurant is where you will find the tradition of our hospitality, the flavors and scents of our motherland in addition to a selection of the best Italian wines. The menu is made only with fresh products. Behind each specialty, there is a great amount of work, some of which may require a longer preparation since all of the dishes are prepared at the moment. Antonio will accompany you on this journey of taste. Hoping that it will be pleasurable. Welcome aboard!

This is “La Conca” restaurant!